International Communications and Cooperation Management


Job Description

• Making plans and taking measures for identification of similar Research Institutes and personalities abroad

• Taking measures for the membership of RICHT in reputable scientific forums and circles and introducing goals and functions of the Research Institute at international level and expansion of relations with cultural attaches of Iranian embassies.

• Establishing and expanding communication and mutual educational and research cooperation with scientific centers abroad with an aim of achieving and transferring technical knowledge and scientific experiences and attracting participation in implementation of research projects, training of efficient manpower and establishing complementary educational courses with the cooperation of the Deputy Office for Research Affairs

• Collecting information and compiling draft agreements and domestic and foreign memorandums of understanding in English and Persian languages and following up international memorandums of understanding of the Research Institute with other countries

• Planning and compiling executive programs for holding seminars and specialized international forums in an effort to raise and reckon problems and difficulties of the cultural heritage and tourism of the country

• Planning and taking measures for designing and holding presentations and educational workshops by specialists and senior foreign academic personalities for target groups

• Collecting and reviewing the documents and evidences necessary for use in the defensive bills of the Research Institute in legal authorities and preparing a legal archive and preservation and categorization of the documents received

• Implementing all legal and judicial affairs such as: Legal opinion, filing a defense, participating in judicial branch meetings and hearing claims of the pontiff and defending the claims raised, suing real and legal individuals if necessary and implementing the necessary follow up

• Preparing and regulating agreements needed by the Research Institute and offering advisory opinions to other departments of the Research Institute

• Other affairs that are referred or submitted by the Chairman of the Research Institute


Communication and International Cooperation Management

Monir Kholqi

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