Security Department

Job Description

Ø Adopting the required protective measures in order to supervise, protect and maintain the personnel, documents, and confidential and classified information of the Research Institute

Ø Taking the necessary measures within the relevant duties in order to prevent the occurrence and follow up of measures and activities inconsistent with the interests of the Research Institute

Ø Supervising the entry, transfer of documents, confidential evidence related to the Research Institute in order to ensure observance of the relevant rules and regulations

Ø Controlling and supervising buildings and facilities of the Research Institute and its employees in terms of security and preparing the required reports

Ø Carrying out the necessary coordination with the Security Office of the sovereign organization in relation to the respective measures

Ø Cooperating with relevant units and agencies in order to protect the premises and works under exploration or repair



1st Floor, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute, Opposite Iran National Museum, 30 Tir St., Imam Khomeini (RA) Avenue, Tehran

Phone: ++9821 66736787


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