A Late Sassanian Hoard from Orumiyeh: Coins in SNS Book Collection
TEHRAN (RICHT) - The treasure of Orumiyeh (Piranshahr) coins has been printed as a volume of SNS book collection titled “The Sassanid Coins Numismatic Reference Book Collection”.


According to the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT), Daryoosh Abkarzadeh, a faculty member of the Linguistics, Texts and Inscriptions Research Institute of RICHT and the first author of the book announcing this Sunday said in 2007 and at the time of construction of a checkpoint on Iran-Iraq border the loader unearthed a large number of valuable Sassanid coins.

He added this valuable treasure which is kept at Ormuyeh Museum includes 1267 coins dating back to the kings of the 6th century (the end of the Sassanid era).

Akbarzadeh announced the treasure as the biggest known of Khosrow II in one of the specific areas beside the valuable coins of Khosrow I and Hormuz IV.

Pointing out that the study and research on the coins lasted for more than six years, he said it is for the first time that a research has been included in the SNS books.

The faculty member of the Institute of Linguistics, Texts and Inscriptions of the RICHT further remarked that the unparalleled collection in the world of numismatics and Iranology, detailed technical tests for identification of composition of a number of coins, and sound statistical processing are among some of the reasons for the inclusion of the book in SNS collection.

He reiterated that the second author of the book is the renowned Nikolaus Schindel and the introduction of the book has been compiled by Professor Alram (Vice-President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a renowned numismatist) as well as Professor Rica Gizlen (the renowned French scientist).

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